Things I've quoted.

2019.10.10, 10:51

A day of accessibility talks! For free! Today! Online! Exclamation marks!

2019.10.09, 18:00

Two birds, one motherfucking big stone.

2019.10.05, 11:20

From this lady, you don't know how much this means. She's been my inspiration ever since I met her a decade ago. ❤️ #MildCircleJerk

2019.09.24, 19:33

The people of my home city spoke. And they did say "Joris Bohnson should sort this #Brexit out".

2019.09.20, 13:32

Yup, that's definitely a tech opinion. Absolutely not in any way a web, UX, or #a11y opinion.

2019.09.19, 08:10

I remember, only a few years ago, being able to say "I worked for BBC News!" without it sounding like "I voted Tory! Let's dox someone!".

2019.09.18, 17:55

Laura is a high-profile BBC journalist directing her 1M followers to dogpile an individual for absolutely no journalistic reason whatsoever. She's focussing on him and forgetting to mention that the PM lied horrendously during this incident.

2019.09.11, 11:33

Double whammy of confs today! Very very happy to be speaking at the first ever Webclerks community conference in Vienna! 🎉 #webclerks

2019.09.11, 08:51

Very happy to be speaking at the Material 2020 conference in Reykjavik! I am SO looking forward to it! 😊 #material20

2019.08.25, 10:33

This is a horribly fascinating thread about fascism and how we're seeing it rise again around us.

2019.08.22, 10:02

My don't give a shit opinion: AMP and React exist only to make you accept the Good News of multi-billion dollar companies. Neither of them benefit users. They only benefit the companies and those who buy into the propaganda.

2019.08.19, 23:06

Due to debts and a bad employer the first 18 months in Berlin I had a net income of zero. I was living off bread and cheese while watching colleagues buy new Apple Watches and expensive lunches.

2019.08.19, 13:54

I'm "used the finger protocol and didn't snigger" years old.

2019.08.18, 20:43

💯 - I know it might cost you clients and followers, but you're more privileged, and, very fucking frankly, you can afford it. Your voices have power. Use them.

2019.08.12, 11:01

What I absolutely adore about the #indieweb community is that it is free of the "one true way" mentality that infects the rest of the web industry. Do what works for you, on your website! Bespoke is good!

2019.08.05, 19:24

Oooh, my last post got a mention on @css!

2019.08.05, 07:50

I will completely understand when ordinary people start hunting down developers and tech entrepreneurs with pitchforks. They must absolutely despise us.

2019.08.03, 13:43

This conf sounds like it's gonna be amazing! You should submit a talk! Yes you! Especially if you're not a white cis het dude!

2019.07.31, 17:13

Because it's always, always, ALWAYS white men who feel the need to respond the way that you've just done, Joshua.

2019.07.23, 23:42

One day I will learn how to structure talks correctly. #QueerJS

2019.07.21, 00:14

holy star shit 😳

2019.07.20, 09:51

This thread is an excellent breakdown of why spacecraft are all disgusting smelly cans hurtling through the void.

2019.06.27, 19:55

*screams with joy, internally*

2019.06.25, 23:36

Wishlist: Pay more attention to the design of the Core experience. Give users choice to disable Advanced. Define effective and consistent way of handling SVG icons in Core. Design more in Core mode. Consider CSS vs JS CTM more deeply.

2019.06.23, 20:26

Shit, now I gotta write a talk.