2019.08.13, 22:08

I found a German copy of @teleject's CSS Cookbook in the street, to which my good lady girlfriend said "maybe this will be the thing that lets you finally learn the fucking language." I think she's excited for me!

A print copy of CSS Kochbuch, lying on a table


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How the hell are you getting all these replies on here, Charlie?

Ah, sweet summer child. It's time to send your own Webmention!


☯Evil Jim O'Donnell

Thanks for the recommendation to visit Treptower by the way.

2019/08/13, 20:57, CET

Andrew Mee

yeah about time you learned CSS! #fullstack

2019/08/14, 09:20, CET

Charlie Don't Surf

I'll have you know that I once used CSS, therefore I'm an expert. #fullstack

2019/08/14, 11:49, CET