Notes and scribbles

I try to jot down my thoughts as I go. I publish them here and then syndicate them to other platforms, like Twitter.

A note from 2021-01-23

Have you been cancelled from liberal society for your antisemitism? Do you feel cruelty restricted from airing your homophobia publicly?

Then why not try TRANSPHOBIA ™️?

It's allowed in mainstream newspapers! 📰

No repercussions! 🍾

Apply now! 👍

A war if words is beginning to wipe out women. The US has joined a growing list if counties seeking toners the language of biological sex in order to appease the trans lobby, says Janice Turner.

A note from 2021-01-22

I think that I just accidentally wrote most of a node-based endpoint discovery, parser, and sender for webmentions.

I think a version already exists in npm, but would it be useful for other #indieweb folk to have this as a package? S'all async and promises.

A note from 2021-01-21

Can someone please stop me from eating chocolate? I'd kicked the habit in the summer but miserable winter lockdown has broken me. 😭

A note from 2021-01-20

Off you fuck, you tangerine tosspot.

Marine One helicopter flying off with the snivelling little shit (Trump) on board.

A note from 2021-01-19

I've just realised that subconsciously I've spent the last 4 years waiting for Trump to launch some kind of preemptive nuclear attack.

Its been eating my braincells and chill at a horrible rate. Felt like growing up in 80s UK again. 😩

A note from 2021-01-19

Can everyone who needs to contact me please NOT use email / twitter / DMs / Signal / Slack [select as appropriate] because whatever method you choose I'm apparently amazing at missing messages and looking like I hate people. 😭 #ADHD

A note from 2021-01-16

Thank fuck Merz lost in the German CDU leadership race. Proper little fascist, that one.

A note from 2021-01-16

I cannot tell you how much I despise the phrase "gender identity". 😠

A note from 2021-01-15

The fact I'm pondering if this is a coded neo-nazi reference is probably a sign I've spent too much of my life online. 😩

A screenshot of an online food place called Himmel 8.

A note from 2021-01-15

It has got to the point in my life where I cannot deny being the nerd that I truly am. I am therefore building a media NAS for our apartment.

A note from 2021-01-15

The CIA have a new logo and will be playing Berghain when it reopens.

A note from 2021-01-15

Madrid has had more snow than Berlin.

pinches anthropogenic climate change on the left bollock

A note from 2021-01-12

A young white guy just cornered me in the supermarket and demanded I explain to him how to make a Tiramisu.

His Tiramisu is therefore going to be made with Quark and Tuc biscuits.


A note from 2021-01-09

Day 17654 of lockdown. An evening with a poorly bumgravy guinea pig.

A forlorn-looking black guinea pig alone in a cardboard box.

A note from 2021-01-09

What if we just used singular they pronouns for everyone?

A note from 2021-01-08

After several medical appointments where I've had to reveal my trans status and been othered as a result, it was... well, not lovely, but certainly familiar to be back on the "are you pregnant?" and "is it worse when you menstruate?" train.

A note from 2021-01-07

I just want to vomit with anxiety this week.

A note from 2021-01-05

This is what at least 5 years of dust and grime behind a washing machine look like. (Hey, it came with our apartment and we've never had to move it before).

The filthy area behind an old washing machine.

A note from 2021-01-04

Poor Bungle is at the vets with a gammy eye. (not the one you can see). Very brave boi on his first vets visit. 😭😭😭

A black guinea pig seen through the bars of a small pet carrier.

A note from 2021-01-03

Beautiful wifey has fallen asleep on me again and I am trapped. The Terry's Chocolate Oranges that I bought while high sit 1.5 arm lengths away, taunting me.