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I try to jot down my thoughts as I go. I publish them here and then syndicate them to other platforms, like Twitter.

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A note from 2021-04-12

Having tried to use the Instagram API this weekend I can only conclude that Facebook hates everyone, including its own developers.

There is definitely an abusive relationship going on there.

A note from 2021-04-08

I can say with absolute certainty that if I didn’t need a twitter account for my career, I’d delete it forever. It’s mind numbingly addictive and awful.

The problem I have with it is that I can’t use it only a bit, or for a short time. It’s all or nothing. And I’m starting to get the addicts clarity that maybe I need to go cold turkey.

A note from 2021-04-05

Exciting times as my partner and I play the ancient game of “try to sneak past the guinea pig cage without them noticing”. Partner won after managing to crawl all the way across the living room floor without them squealing at her.

A note from 2021-04-04

Okay, so I started smoking again a few months ago. Fucking awful habit, and this time it made me actually feel ill. But I couldn’t stop. Each lungful felt amazing, but afterwards I felt sick as a dog. Like my body was giving me side eye.

So the other night I smocked a lot during a Friday night pre-curfew bender. The resulting hangover was absolutely awful. Proper 24 hour stuff. But it all felt like the aftermath of the fags.

A note from 2021-03-24

About once a day I find myself missing Twitter, so I comfort take a look and nope nope nope it’s just absolute misery and psychodrama.

I feel 10000000x better for not being on there.