Domino's asks Supreme Court to say disability aids don't apply online

Just so we're absolutely clear on this: @dominos are evil. Your actual evil in the way only humans can be evil, the complete absence of love or goodness.

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Just so we're absolutely clear on this: @dominos are evil. Your actual evil - the complete absence of love, compassion, or goodness evil. Fuck Dominos. #a11y


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jrdn 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

We've switched to @pizzahut as their gluten free options are miles ahead of @Dominos. Incidently, their website has an accessibility policy:… but as a person who doesn't require these features I'm not 100% on how they compare to Dominos 🤔

2019/08/02, 08:43, CET

Dave Letorey

This is an absolute disgrace @dominos Everyone should boycott them. #boycottDominos #A11y

2019/08/02, 08:44, CET

Thomas Otter

It is totally weird and shameful after 25 years the matter of web as a place of public accomodation as per ADA title III has not been finally resolved. #a11y

2019/08/02, 08:52, CET

mallory, alice & bob

Eh, that page is still a bit of a nightmare with keyboard (you can't even "select your Hut") but it looks like someone at least thought about it ~10 years ago when access keys didn't interfere with so much. So long as Pizza Hut responds with trying to fix their stuff, I'm cool.

2019/08/02, 10:17, CET

Barry Hood

Absolutely disgusting. The amount it would cost them to fix this is trivial to that company, but they'd rather throw (probably an order of magnitude more) money at trying to establish a precedent to ensure no company has to make their site accessible to the disabled? Disgraceful.

2019/08/02, 10:42, CET

Derek S. Henderson

I guess I'm in the wrong line of work and all the #a11y evangelizing I've done on contracts is for nought. Or Dominos sucks.

2019/08/02, 12:46, CET