I'll keep using console.log until I die


Hi there. I'm Charlie.

I build websites and try to make the web a better place.

Unfortunately for my career I've got a bad case of The Principles, which makes just being an everyday web developer a bit of a problem.

I try to get around this by speaking at conferences and pretending I know far more than I do.

I espouse:

  • Putting people before code.
  • Replacing Capitalism with something kinder.
  • Choosing simple solutions before technological masturbation.
  • The benefits of long walks on the beach.
  • Building robust sites before jumping at fragile frameworks.
  • Using tech for the greater good.
  • The need to remind everyone and their dog that Facebook is fundamentally evil.

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2019.10.13, 11:08

2019.10.13, 10:59

2019.10.12, 21:48

Lost my voice. Amazing.

2019.10.12, 21:42

Can we please style the <select> control?

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Alexei Leonov, first human to walk in space, dies aged 85 | Science | The Guardian


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2019.10.12, 11:35

2019.10.12, 11:27

Have fully broken myself after these last few weeks. Well, last few months. Currently lying on the sofa emitting fluids and sounds from my face pipes. I think both my mind and body need a hard reboot.

How (Not) to Build a Button | Ben Myers

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2019.10.10, 12:43

2019.10.10, 10:51

A day of accessibility talks! For free! Today! Online! Exclamation marks!

2019.10.10, 09:52

2019.10.09, 23:28

Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms

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2019.10.09, 18:00

Two birds, one motherfucking big stone.

Tech issues: The myth of inevitable technological progress - Vox

The assertion that technology companies can’t possibly be shaped or restrained with the public’s interest in mind is to argue that they are fundamentally different from any other industry. They’re not.

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How to be a more productive developer | Go Make Things

  1. Plan your scripts out on paper before your open a text editor.
  2. Stop obsessing over tools.
  3. Focus on solving problems.
  4. Maintain a library of snippets that you can reuse.

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2019.10.09, 08:29

Still chuckling at die Endnutzerleistungsentwicklerprioritätenwahnvorstellung.

You really don't need all that JavaScript, I promise

So you say to yourself, I have a plan. Instead of me letting the user click on a link that then goes to the browser and the browser giving me back control when the new page loads, what about implementing that myself?

Instead of letting the browser handle navigation, I will handle navigation, so as to avoid the loss of control. What I'll do is, I'll XHR the page off the server, and then I'll innerHTML it into the current page. You're getting around the loss of control by handling loading yourself. Don't trust the browser to do it, do it yourself. Implement it internally.

An excellent post from Stuart Langridge. It excellently sums up the culture of Not Invented Here that permeates the industry of late.

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Spec · 8-Point Grid

Using multiples of 8 to define dimensions, padding, and margin of elements.

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2019.10.08, 08:18

2019.10.08, 08:16

Dark mode

Excellent implementation work by Jeremy on his personal site. Dark mode is something that we can easily add everywhere!

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ASPIRE: Ideals to Aspire to When Building Websites

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Journal entry for Sun, 10/06/2019 - 00:37

It's been an exhausting week. A weeks traveling for conferences is bad enough, but add on illness and it becomes laborious.

Spent the Friday traveling from Berlin to Amsterdam with what quickly became an outrageous hallucinatory fever. 6 hours of that, trapped on a train. The only positive outcome was that no-one wanted to sit next to a sweating, gibbering, and shivering English-woman, so I had a seat free next to me on an otherwise packed train.

Saturday was spent at Indieweb Camp Amsterdam. As always, this event was absolutely fantastic. I got to participate in discussions on owning your own photos, accessibility and the Indieweb, moderating your digital diet, enabling privacy on the Indieweb, and how to own your own calendaring. I met some IWC regulars and some fresh new faces. Hello to you all!

Sunday was spent compensating for Friday and working on my talk for Fronteers, so I didn't ...

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